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Diamonds - Mined vs Grown

A round brilliant cut diamond
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The first question to be answered is, 'Are lab grown man-made diamonds real diamonds?' 

The answer is very simple...YES, they are.


Man-made diamonds (sometimes called 'lab grown' or 'created' diamonds) are every bit a diamond, the difference is they are not mined from planet Earth.

It is important not to confuse created diamonds with imitations such as cubic zirconia which simply lack the durability, hardness and intrinsic beauty of a diamond.

Created and mined diamonds have the same crystal structure and density, identical refractive index, and they are equal in hardness; however, lab-grown diamonds are created using sustainable energy in laboratory conditions rather than being mined from the earth. 


To make a lab grown diamond a tiny piece of a mined diamond is placed in a mixture of carbon atoms along with other natural mineral elements and is subjected to conditions that accurately replicate the extreme forces of heat and pressure found in nature under the earth's surface. This process takes many months to grow the new diamond. From there the rough material is handed over to the highly skilled cutters whose job it is to shape and polish the crystal to a beautiful gleaming gem.

cutting & polishing diamond

The only noticeable difference between a created diamond and a mined one is in the price. Lab grown diamonds are significantly cheaper than the equivalent mined diamond.

We offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and prices in both mined and created diamonds.

Our conflict-free mined diamonds have been dug from the Earth; they were created by Mother Nature deep beneath the Earth's surface billions of years ago. They are fully traceable under the Kimberley Process. Most of the mined diamonds we offer that are over half a carat are supplied with a certificate and most are laser inscribed with their unique registration number.


Our lab grown diamonds are created using sustainable energy and offer an excellent eco friendly alternative to mined diamonds. Each is supplied with an IGI certificate and is laser inscribed with its unique registration number. Ours are mostly produced in the USA; they are of far superior quality to those from China.


Please feel free contact us if you would like to discuss having an exquisite piece of diamond jewellery made just for you or as a special gift to be treasured for ever.

Russian diamonds are currently banned from sale in the UK.

Two Diamonds next to jeweller's loupe
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