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Commissions, Remodelling, Repairs, Alterations....
all work carried out in-house


Most people have damaged, worn out, unloved pieces of jewellery left languishing in drawers.

We have the best eco answer. Bring it to us to have them remodelled into something exciting and new.

Prices vary according to complexity of the commission and any additional materials required.

We are the only manufacturing jewellers in Horncastle and can help you by redesigning and remodelling your old pieces in to something beautiful and wearable; all work carried out in-house as seen in this video.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest remodelled pieces too; links are at the top of the page.

Red Light Art
Solitaire Ring

Laser welding:

We are able to offer the very latest in high tech solutions to repairs and alterations. This process generates little heat so we can carry out repairs right next to stones, even opals, without having to remove the stone from its setting.

We can also repair many types of metal spectacle frames and sunglasses.

Even very fine chains are able to be repaired as the laser beam is only 0.2mm across, it is happy welding gold, silver, platinum, palladium and steel. 


Bring in your repair for a free evaluation.

Engagement rings made to order:

When you want the answer to be 'Yes!!!'. Commissioning a unique ring is the only way to go and we can guide you to the right choice to suit your specific requirements and budget. You can rest assured that all our stones are ethically sourced, and wherever possible the precious metals are recycled or responsibly mined. Bespoke rings are far better wearing than off-the-shelf mass produced cast items and have that unique quality only found in hand crafted pieces.

Consultations are confidential so no one else is going to find out about your special surprise through us!

wedding rings

Wedding Jewellery:

Whatever your requirements we can make the perfect pieces for you; rings, necklaces, earrings, tiara/hairband. All hand crafted for a lifetime of wear. Unique to you and made to fit your budget.


Wedding rings are available in all carats of gold and all colours of gold. Also in platinum, and mixed gold and platinum. Diamond set wedding rings can be made to match in with your existing engagement ring.

We have the experience to make what you want, so why settle for off-the-shelf mass produced rings? They should be as unique as you are.


Anniversaries & Special Presents:

Can't find that extra special gift? Then why not commission something original?


Consultations are totally free, and confidential.

damaged silver trophy before being repaired

Repairs and alterations:

Ring resizing, repairs to claw settings, rhodium's all in a days work for us; this work is carried out in-house.

We offer a free appraisal to see if the repair to your jewellery or silverware is practical, and if it is we will provide an estimate or quotation for fixing the problem.


As a classically trained silversmith with over 40 years experience I am fully qualified and insured to handle your family heirlooms.


Full advice is also available to help you keep your jewellery in its best condition.


Visit us at 10 North Street, Horncastle, LN95DX


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